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Tips for Airline Travel with Wine

With shipping costs continuously on the rise, airline travel is proving to be the most economical and safe mode of transporting your precious wine.  Here are a few tips and resources to help you with your wine travel.

Cost of shipping wine internationally:  For those considering traveling internationally with wine, take a look at what the cost of shipping wine to/from the United States is (hundreds of dollars for 6 bottles!) - http://www.wineflite.com/pricing

TSA Again allows large bottles ON the plane (with a catch) - http://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewbender/2014/02/05/tsa-again-allows-large-bottles-of-liquids-on-planes-with-one-catch/

BOX EMBARGO!  American Airlines and other airlines impose an embargo on all boxes during holiday travel.  To transport wine, you'll need a Wine Check!  

Tip: Santa Rosa Airport (STS) allows 1 (one) case of checked wine FREE for all travelers

TSA: Traveling with Alcohol/Wine

Wine Check Owners: Please remember to adjust your pull strap to optimize weight distribution to the wheels, and pull it beside you if you have difficulty finding the right length of strap.

Do you trust your wine enough to toss it in the air, much like you'd expect the airline industry to handle it?  Take a look!

Airline Baggage Policies for traveling with wine: (The Wine Check is not responsible for the accuracy of information linked in the sites below)

American Airlines
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines
JetBlue Airlines
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines